Dementia Activities Appear Difficult, Now What

Are you working with loved one and they become frustrated with their activities?

Dementia and stroke patients are not always capable of verbally expressing their feelings.

signs of frustration, tips

We must learn to hear their feelings through their body language.

There are visual signs of doubt, intimidation, frustration, inner conflict and lack of self-esteem.

We must learn to watch for these key signals in their body language; facial expressions, arms, legs, hands and fingers.

Observing their body language will give you a “heads up” on the true feelings of individual and steer off frustration.

Fear occurs when basic needs are threatened, and there are many levels of fear, from mild anxiety to blind terror.

These bodily changes caused by fear make it easy to detect, when you are aware of them.

• pinching face and arms
• scratching their head, neck, face, hands and arms
• nose twitching
• smacking, licking of lips

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